lunedì 30 settembre 2013

monday: The white canvas

I'm hiding it.. but she is WHITE; I prepared, covered, I made her a good coffee BUT she is WHITE..

It's not the best monday to start with but september is going, white raincoluds are saying the blue sky we had is changing his mood, and I want to start: THEY
say it's possible: if that YELLOW is possible, then ok, I can start and face my five white canvas and this page, pagina, oja, post!

And I'll start with good september purposes:
1) this is the english I can.. I swear I studied it a lot, a lot! I DO have a CERTIFICATE (advanced!) and I spent nice months in London in my first first life (aaaaaaaages ago), BUT here we are, and I can't keep on asking to friends or paying a translator (no way)! so: google translator, and that's it, welcome italianglish ohhh yeahhhh
3) - my pc doesn't like the two button, let's jump it-  I'll become so good with my blog! I'm studying -   francesca marano   I'm waiting for your lessons!!! -
becouse... well.. I could become a fish and I don't want it... try to be an expat in a beautiful playful but almost new to you land and the world around speaks an easy dutch langage,  your kids still use THEIR language, and you use your free time to... prepare canvas, paint canvas, look for your stuff in the park and gardens and woods there around...
4) I'll try to share the nice new people I'm discovering in the web: as a expat-painter-mama I could feel the usefullness of this way of comunication (I was almost every evening on Amsterdam Mamas page, they are great and also have a businnes page  -
I REALLY ignored this side of the moon in my previous life (one of the..). So I'd like to know better what they do and how: Carol Marine (  is the first I knew, but I'm following / discovering many others..
 5) I'll share my painting.. I did my wall in TNLP, I sent my seeds around and I have been
SO HAPPY AND PROUD to know they were appreciated and it's such a good feeling to be thinking wich walls they're making

IT'S THE PERFECT HISTORICAL MOMENT TO CLAIM TO BECOME A REAL PAINTER I KNOW: people doesn't know how to pay their bread... but I also know BEAUTY CAN HELP, and I will go on with

anyway, this is my new studio: I live in Alkmaar now, and it's a nice corner to start ...