giovedì 27 febbraio 2014

Pisa mio amore

Landed!! Me and my family with five trunks, one pirate ship and nine canvas, from The Netherlands to Pisa...  my creative friend Valeria ( hosts my works in her beautiful home holidays - show room

Welcome home:)

venerdì 14 febbraio 2014

aria di primavera?

It's still a bit cold BUT I allready smell she's arriving.. And I feel fine. Soon I'll be in Pisa, one week, and I'll bring with me some canvas with my seeds. I'm workin on them... I think I've done at least one hundred till now... but every time, every one I do, I think I could paint them on and on. The more I get old - mature ;) - the more I fell their fly. The more my body get similar to the trees I love, the more I feel able to dance like the dancers I painted last weeks. I don't now yet how to tell it, but as  I fell stronger on my roots I'd like to take my children on my branches and let them fly and dance as high as they like :)