venerdì 6 giugno 2014

one day at school with my son

The idea came to my son's teacher, while we were speaking about children and reality and things they can touch and smell and... She invited me to stay with them for one morning and let them create something with stuff they could find outside
I started collecting material




then we talked a bit together

So they went out...

... and THEY did it magic!

Thank you guys!!!


martedì 3 giugno 2014

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Euromarkt '14

The 18th of maj I joined the Euromarkt at my children's school. All the parents are involved as well as pupils (there are children from 1 to 18 years!). They all organize uge tables with food from their own country and everyone is wellcome to have a visit, to eat, and to share the different activities  that have been organized.
I used two recipies from Abruzzo: Tiella and Lattacciuolo, great success:)
I also suggested to organize a corner for creative mamas... so that we could sell our works and donate part of our income for the Parents Association ... It was nice, and funny, I couldn't believe it was such a great party..

this was my corner.. I was there with my last canvas

some beads with the colours of my canvas :)

and some nice cool some stuff from Aperfectday  (