mercoledì 31 luglio 2013

bye bye Amsterdam...

It was such a special year... I'm living Amsterdam..tomorrw - back to Italy for holiday - and then new change: in september we'll be in Alkmaar and there I found a small studio overlooking on an old canal.. windows are important to me and this Country loves windows! I am so grateful to Amsterdam. Here I have had the possibility to exhibit my work for the first time.. it was a real gift. Tomorrow I'll leave and this morning two of my canvas have left.. one for Germany and one for NY!! It's amazing how long they will fly :)
it is a nice nice start...

a piece of  the move :)

Golden fish..

This morning a friend of mine has came to TNLP to have a look at the canvas and we were chatting about the seeds and .. I told her that what really fascinates me is that in  a so small flying shell there is such a big promise of life... so she told me of her golden fish: it was so small when arrived at home.. and now she has a big aquarium with fishes and algae... a small world from a small fish... mh ... small world.. that's it... that's what a canvas means to me... you start for some reason - maybe for a particular meaning you want to express or recount but then.. every part of that microcosm has to find his place and a bit of peace, otherwise all the canvas will suffer.. every part of you world has to stay well, like a family, a group, like it should be ;)

Stamani è passata da TNLP un'amica che voleva vedere le tele insieme a me, e  ci siamo messe a chiacchierare di semini .. le spiegavo che quel che mi ha affascinato è quell'involucro piccolino, che si porta dentro e in volo una così grande promessa di vita. Allora lei mi ha detto del suo pesciolino d'oro, che è arrivato piccino in casa sua e ora vive in un grande acquario con pesci e alghe.. un piccolo mondo da un  pesciolino.. un picccolo mondo! e' proprio questo, quel che a me pare di vedere in una tela: ti metti al lavoro per un motivo tuo, particolare - forse un significato che vuoi esprimere o qualcosa da raccontare - ma poi ogni elemento di quel microcosmo deve trovare il suo posto e un po' di pace dentro il tuo quadro, altrimenti soffre tutto l'insieme: ogni parte deve stare bene, come una famiglia, un gruppo, come dovrebbe essere;)

venerdì 12 luglio 2013

marine seeds .. semini di mare..

here they are... ready to fly (tomorrow, by plane) .. they are my last ones... I did some canvas in Pisa, some in Amsterdam, and these last ones in Giulianova.. here something happened ..  I had brought some old tubes from Pisa - and I decided to use again Blue di Prussia and Giallo di Cadmio, my first loved colours. Helped by sea and the pines all around and the different light, my loved Blue di Prussia worked his magic and I could see while painting these seeds were floating .. I immagined them during night time, with a nice moon..
I like to copy things: I look at my object and then at my brushstroke all the time, so many times, until the moment I see my work and I think ok! here you are, totally different, totally you, that's it! I am grateful to that something special that could bring me to my new special one!

martedì 2 luglio 2013

un po' di ruggine .. rust

 I found these pieces of rubber covered by rust while I was passing through an old railroad right in front of the sea, near Vasto, in Abruzzo. It was very hot and sunny, their colours were amazing. I collected some of them, and then I prepared  canvas with bianco di titanio and some gold to receive these treasures!

Bark (corteccismo!)

I spent long time walking with Pato around Pisa,  looking up to the sky and the trees and... down to the street and to our feet.. and I was impressed by the beauty of the barks, layng there on the ground... here they are, in gold dress