lunedì 8 settembre 2014

my art course at the ESB :)


Here we are! The Parents' Association of my kids' school asked me to organize a course and I'm giving it a try (children from 4 to 11.. chaos - chaos -chaos!!).
When I was asked I realised how related it is with what I've been doing until now. My experience as a criminal lawyer (I was specialized in juvenile crime), the incredible period I spent in a slum of Nairobi taking care of street children, the lessons I used to give at the university to my young students - AND my will to keep it all aside as my kids arrived. That was the moment in which my passion for art started to become more and more present in my every day life. It's not anymore something just me-related (io, io, io!!), but luckily it is gently invading my boundaries.
SO I decided to give it a  try and  now I can't wait for it!

 yestrday, introduction of my art course at the pic nic organized from the Parents' Association at the European School of Bergen