mercoledì 3 dicembre 2014

Pollock for ever (young)

I keep going on with art classes to kids.. sometimes it's easy, like two weeks ago with Pollock.. they are totally happy to feel free to mix and create colours, but then there are those lessons.. I see my son with his brown and black and blue hands running in the classroom ready to splash himself on his friends' head while other two are squeezing aaaaall my precious white tube becouse they need lots of light (a lot, really, a lot), I hear voices of BLEAH while I show them Rothko and I have to stop myself by screaming YOU CAN'T NOT LOVE HIM!!! I see myself cleaning the art room for one hour and a half after my young wild painters have gone and my daughter whimpers meeee tooooo I want tooo paaaint meee tooo (it's 6 pm dear we are escaping, NOW!)
And as I think of it all, I feel so deeply satisfied, so happy, I want to go on and on with all these
bleah, more, squeeeze, splash, WOW, COOOOOL!!!!!!